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Anoche el condensador de fluzo me jug una mala pasada. Llevo unos das pachucho de baja, vaya y me dispona a dormir cuando a eso de las diez y poquito de la noche Csar Vidal anunci que iba a hablar de masonera con Ricardo de la Cierva a propsito del ltimo libro de este, titulado ZP, tres aos de gobierno masnico. Sabedor de que, en ciencia masnica, ambos personajes son unos consumados liantes lo que incluye mala fe, galopante ignorancia y propagandismo religioso del malo , mi mayor temor era que la risa que me produjera su conversacin me hiciera saltar los puntos y tuviramos una desgracia.

Hardware Versus Software A Complete and Fully Functional Human Body Isn’t Necessary for Self AwarenessIn my opinion, people are not the hardware they exist inside, but the software that animates that hardware. The software requires certain physical conditions in humans and likely will in non human persons, but the conditions aren’t the person. A man who loses both legs isn’t 60% of a person, but an entire person..

As you begin to run, while a keeping a strong awareness of everything that’s going on around you, bring your attention back to the body. How does it feel now that you’re moving? How are the muscles responding to the movement? Notice how the breath quickly changes as the body begins to warm up. As always, there is nothing to do except be aware of all these things.

What a bizarre living being I am. Life! I am life! I am trillions of cells sharing a common mind. I am here, now, thriving as life. Koolhaas was in London Building Union College, Cornell University and trained as an architect. 1975, he was a with Ai Liya Tsang Gehelisi , Zaha Hadid, was founded in London in the Netherlands Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Office for Metropolitan Architecture, referred to as OMA), architectural design around the world and urban planning. OMA headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Koolhaas OMA chief designer, professor at Harvard University.

The university recently rolled out 4 Dream Machines the PepsiCo branded Greenopolis Recycling Kiosks on their campus to collect aluminum cans and PET bottles. Beverage container recycling rate by giving Americans convenient access to recycling receptacles. The campus is home during the school year to around 10,000 students, so you can imagine the number of soft drinks consumed and the need to recycle..

Stable cement prices and a richer product mix boosted revenue for the quarter gone by. Profit margin dipped marginally quarter on quarter (QoQ) as the company managed input price pressures with effective cost management.Two other stocks which capture recent improving growth visibility in the IT and finance sectors are HCL Technologies and ICICI Bank.Despite a moderate performance in the first quarter of FY19 and unchanged guidance for FY19, HCL Technologies’ (HCLT) show was impressive due to the record deal wins and a positive commentary on the road ahead. While the company hasn’t yet reached the inflection point to meaningfully see the benefits of the virtuous cycle where the legacy business is more than compensated by next generation offerings, it is directionally on the right track.

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