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This week capped of my highest mileage week EVER for me! 105km in 6 days and I feel fantastic!! I won one of my Nike Running challenges of 100km in a month. I have been running over 100km every month since January 2014; but never would I imagine I would run over 100km in a week! This was definitely a milestone week for me. I don know if I can run over 100km in a week regularly, or even again; but I do know that I am becoming a stronger runner and that I am ready to crush my first full marathon!.

New to Fencing? Read the FAQ first!I have been wearing the Balestras for over a year and a half now as an epee, and during this time my opinion of them has drastically changed. At first they were perfect to me: light, grippy, and sufficient to my expectations of a “good” fencing shoe. However over time, them virtually falling apart showed me that Nike really is the king of sports merchandise, and could sell anything to nearly anyone..

He and Peers who had been Murray’s regular partner until two years ago never dropped their serve, and never even looked like they were going to. In the end, they forged through to the final by a 7 6, 6 2 margin. And Murray and Soares fell at the semi final stage for the second straight year..

Now, this may seem ridiculous, but keep in mind this was an era before doctors such as the esteemed Dr. Gregory House gained the ability to solve any ailment within 42 minutes. If you went to the doctor with the flu in those days, he’d likely cover you in leeches and prescribe you heroin to suppress your cough.

In March 1964, Raleigh showed Moulton the prototype RSW16: an unsprung small wheeled shopping bike that was well equipped, more robust and cheaper than the Moulton. It was unclear whether the RSW breached Moulton’s patents and in June 1964 Raleigh sought a production licence for the Moulton bicycle. Alex Moulton was prepared to licence an unsprung F frame small wheeler, provided the genuine Moulton could be sold through Raleigh dealers.

Kerana Google Chrome masih tidak berapa stabil pada platform Linux ini. Dan selamat sejahtera. Nah, tak lama selepas Google membuat kejutan dengan GoogleChrome nya, dan setelah banyak syarikat berasaskan internet telah dibelinya, sekarang Google sudah membeli satu syarikat dari Korea Selatan yang membikin software untuk blogging.

In relation to style, the two products come with the touch screen bar style. The screen size of iPod is 3.5 inches with 960x640p resolution and multi touch whilst the contender comes with the greater display size of 4.2 inches with 800x480p and multi touch feature too. Measuring 4.4 2.32 0.28 inches and weighing about 3.5 ounces, the iTouch definitely seems to be smaller and a little bit lighter than the Samsung product (4.89 x 2.6 x 0.35 inches, 4 ounces).

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