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There is a coordinated, world wide demonstration going on on Sep. 8, so use the link to find a local event to participate in and please spread the word! Join beach and park clean ups, demonstrations, and protests. Organize people to follow the above tips.

Bloody shoe prints Police searching the Scherer home discover a set of very distinct bloody shoe prints they believe the killer wanted them to find. Police say the shoe prints were made slowly and methodically because they were left on a very slick, polished tile floor with no sign of smearing. Police believe there was no attempt to cover up these prints because the killer wanted them to believe the murderer wore a size 12 shoe.

FRAYER: “Spaniards can rest easy,” Rajoy told a party conference this week. “Because of our efforts, what’s happening in Greece won’t happen here.” Those efforts included reforming the labor market, overhauling Spanish banks and increasing exports to produce some of the fastest economic growth in Europe even faster than Germany. Spain has come a long way since its 41 billion euro bank bailout from Europe three years ago.

(Grupo SMBC) para fortalecer las capacidades analticas del Grupo. En los ltimos aos, la necesidad de anlisis de big data ha estado creciendo rpidamente. Sin embargo, tambin hay una escasez cada vez mayoTOKYO e CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA WIRE) Corporation (NEC) (TOKYO:6701) e dotData, Inc., impresa della Silicon Valley specializzata nella scienza dei dati, hanno annunciato oggi di avere provveduto alla fornitura e alla piena operativit della piattaforma “dotData” per Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.

A competitor and always have been. I like to win, but this team is in a position where we are struggling to get wins. I could rant and rave at them every week but eventually that loses its impact, so you have to do things differently at times and again that part of learning for me through this period.

Alicia Keys has a lot coming up before the end of the year. In a recent interview, the singer discussed some of her upcoming projects. Her new album, The Element of Freedom, is scheduled to be released on Dec 1, 2009, which is also World Aids Day. Closer scrutiny was instituted, at least 78 players lost more than $42 million between 1999 and 2002 because they trusted money to agents and financial advisors with questionable backgrounds. More recently, seven time Pro Bowler Dwight Freeney sued Bank of America for $20 million, because a former adviser from the bank supposedly defrauded him by (illegally) wiring millions of dollars out of Freeney account. In another recent case, it is a former NFL player who is himself being accused of operating a sketchy investing scheme.

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