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This was a hypothetical joke, but something just occurred to me. You could have a lottery style gumball machine. Where every gumball has a QR and one specific code could win you something. Our lives are always going to be overloaded because nobody ever likes doing anything, so everyone is always doing things just to keep themselves busy. Which means we are overloaded with limitless things to do, and in order to fit all those limitless things into our overloaded lives, we have to prioritize. I don’t just mean telling yourself what you have to do, either.

The entry deadline is Sept. Qualifying rounds will start Sept. 18 with the finals happening Oct. He wasn’t perfect. It was really weird when he quit his job. He left his wife and little girl for several months; and just seemed like the biggest flake about them.

Sierra was all about helping Paper Boi level up, which in turn, would help her level up. Her comments at the shoe shop about him getting new clothes ’cause no one wants to fan over a nigga in a loose collar ass Polo, telling him he needs a new manager that knows how to make money moves, taking his crusty toe ass to the nail salon, telling him to post more on IG. Sierra, though imperfect, moves with purpose,something Paper Boi doesn’t give a damn about.

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For example, the flight 1380 incident on Apr 17 is still hurting Southwest Airlines Co. LUV. In fact, this Dallas based low cost carrier trimmed its unit revenue view for the soon to be reported quarter mainly due to soft bookings on its flights after the unfortunate mid air incident, which claimed one life and injured many..

But he was pissed, I not sure why, but he told me to give me my phone so he could delete the pic. I was like I didn take a pic, which I didn because I couldn figure out my phone, but he didn believe me, he bet me $100 and pulled out easily like $10k in $100 and said that if he found it on my phone he will throw my phone accross the street, but if he couldn he give me $100. I told him to look, he kept looking for like 5 min, but my uber driver called so he gave me my phone and walked away.TL:DR Stanley Johnson was convinced I took a pic of him from 20 feet away, bet me $100 he could find the pic on my phone or he throw my phone.

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