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For my talk, I ran through a real life example and demo of how machine learning works. This post is aimed to supplement that by going through the example in a bit more depth and cover some points I missed in my talk. I found a post that explained it quite well using shopping for mangoesas an example, but didn feel this was relevant or interesting to a high school student (check it out though, it does provide a pretty good explanation).

I keep my hands clean so I was baffled at first. Personally I didn’t like the patina for the case. You may find it’s fine for yourself. To date, the corps has spent $116 million at 44 former Atlas and Titan intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM sites and 19 former Nike antiaircraft missile sites from the early Cold War. The missile sites include 14 in Kansas, 10 in Nebraska, seven in Wyoming, seven in Colorado and two in Oklahoma. California, New Mexico, New York and Texas have one contaminated site each..

I totally agree, and the article did highlight the fact that two of the researchers were employed by the tobacco industry (possibly trying to influence it to downplay cigarette harm). The mutagenic ability of the smoke was also established by directly applying the residues to a bacterial culture, in a way probably caused a way higher concentration to get to each cell than regular inhalation. Nevertheless, the few times that I have used incense have been in my small apartment with the windows shut seems like the smoke could build up to a point..

After Gallipoli the ANZACs had little respect for the British lack of reliability; especially when it came to supply, fighting ability and mistakes. As a result, the ANZACs chose to show their disrespect by not saluting junior British officers, who were regarded as being incompetent. The observer’s role was to report on the enemy, so artillery could be accurately brought to bear upon them.

Later in the 1800’s and early 1900’s Serbian American engineer, inventor, and all around electrical wizard Nikola Tesla became an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity. He worked with Edison and later had many revolutionary developments in electromagnetism, and had competing patents with Marconi for the invention of radio. He is well known for his work with alternating current (AC), AC motors, and the polyphase distribution system..

Running is an event that is always being looked forward to, be it in the Olympics, SEA Games, Asian Games and the Winter Olympics and in many locally organized competitions. No matter how strict the rules and securities are and no matter how many times the identities of the athletes are verified, there were numerous controversies that haunt the glorified events. Despite much scrutiny from the media, these controversies were never revealed and made public, much to the worlds disgust.

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