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It must be scripted. No reality shows (“The Voice,” “American Idol,” etc.) No news or interview shows (“SportsCenter, an Orioles game, “Meet the Press”). If you have any questions about whether your show qualifies, please ask me BEFORE you complete the assignment.

I ask Armstrong what he felt about Bassons comments. He shakes his head. Mean, any answer I have for that, any true answer, is just going to look like the most arrogant shit answer, he says. I stopped smoking myself on a Christmas morning more than 20 years ago with no planning, and no side effects. This was after many years of smoking up to 3 packs a day. It was a miracle, and I know that God orchestrated a Divine Healing for me.

In Clue, the classic board game, players strategically deduce which suspect has murdered Mr. Boddy, the game perpetual victim, with which weapon, in which room. Invariably, the deadly culprit seems to be the kerfuffled old Colonel Mustard. Rinse glasses in a separate big bowl filled with clean warm water, then set out to start air drying. After you wash and rinse all the glasses, wipe with a soft cloth to avoid water stains. For tough stains, like red wine, fill the glass halfway with white vinegar and some grains of uncooked rice.

Steve: Girls, stop trying so hard! You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Look good on the first date, but don’t look great. Save “great” for great occasions. If nobody likes it when women wear too much perfume, then why do they do it? Sometimes the nose doesn’t know, particularly if a woman doesn’t have a very good sense of smell. Smoking can contribute to this, but smokers also use perfume as a way to cover up cigarette smell. Wearing too much perfume might also be an indicator of depression.

This is done through one, infanticide. The tribe would burry one or several of its female infants alive. And second, provide force protection against capture and forced concubinage. Mr. CLARKE: Yes. Well, every year, the bike industry comes together at the Interbike Trade Show, and it’s a great affair if you’re into the gadgetry and the new bikes and wheels and components and clothing and all the rest of it.

And yet: Pulling the plug on a TV series goes against every instinct of the person in charge, he says the person whose primary duty is to keep the show alive and well, week after week. He had been sidelined by his ad agency after suffering a meltdown at a client meeting. His loving wife, Megan (Jessica Pare), walked out on him after one too many broken promises..

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