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God never intended Israel to have a king, but the people clamored about and demanding they be allowed to have a king the same way other nations had one. They took to the streets and protested and murmured and grumbled to the point God relented and gave them what they wanted. Not only did He give them a king, He gave them the biggest, strongest and most handsome king He could find in all Israel..

As Uncle Ben says, great power comes great responsibility, Power does require a bit of maintaining on our part. Power is generally referred to raw strength that is physical. I preaching about the mental aspect of power. I was astonished that someone was so unselfish now days would take their time to help out people they will never see nor meet in their lifetime. For the sake of others give up their time to walk the streets tape a piece of paper to the doors in some small chance they could return the next morning to a bag filled with gently used shoes to send to Africa. I thought to myself how perfectly human, unselfish touching to say the least.

On the other hand, you stuck with a tour group which can be (pretty) good or (really) bad. I did a tour that included some cenotes that included swimming and jumping into a bunch of cenotes and some cave swimming and then we went to Coba (which is neat because unlike some of the other ruins, you can climb on them). They also pitstopped at a “Mayan village” which was weird and made me feel like a dirty voyeuristic tourist.

While we like acouple of aviation stocks, we believe it will take some time for the industry and company to come out of these challenges.We are adding Reliance AMC (RNAM). The company, with an 11 percent market share, strong retail brand,and well diversified sourcing platform, will continue to be one of the key beneficiaries of the rapid growth in the mutual fund industry. Current valuation looks compelling given RNAM’s track record and financials.

Your rambling digression regarding the history and use of the word treason, traitor, and “treasonable felony” was an incoherent non sequitur. I have no further response to it because you have drawn no conclusions and pointed to nothing of relevance. Your attempts at distraction are pathetic and you should take your agitprop elsewhere, tovarisch..

Through Lyrical we break out of our destructive patterns of the past and surrender ourselves into the depths of the healing pools of energy surrounding us. The boiling mass of energy accomplished in chaos has calmed into a gentle lake of energy. I experienced something quite amazing during this session, as I watched my surroundings take on a psychedelic pink glow, which have a strange life force.

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