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Suzanne Wenger, the Austrian born artist and Yoruban priestess, who has died at the age of 93 in her adopted home of Osogbo in Nigeria, was unique in her absorption into traditional African religion. After her arrival in Africa in 1949, she worked hard to revive Yoruba among Nigerians who had drifted away from it under the influence of western culture and religion. She also made enormous efforts to protect the sacred grove of Osun, a forest along the banks of the Oshun river just outside Osogbo, which she turned into a sculpture garden filled with art made by her and others..

Colourful jerseys are back in the city as lifestyle stores vie with each other to sell football accessories. With Euro 2012 under way, stores are using the “football fever” to dangle the participating teams’ national colours before die hard fans, albeit at a price ranging from Rs. 2,000 to Rs.

Great informative article. My aunt grew the most beautiful peonies. I remember the huge ants that seemed to love them. Meena believes she creates beauty with her fabric, prints and designs. “The alchemy of beauty is magical and when a woman wears it she feels connected to the dress and is transformed into a picture of confidence,” she says. If evolving with time and keeping the culture intact has been her mantra for BIBA, she says the good quality of her products delivered on time at an affordable cost have been the reasons for her soaring business..

If the child could bleed and breathe, it would be almost universally considered an unspeakable crime in the cultures of today. Yet we ponder creating non biological children who are thinking and self aware who might be used for those very purposes among many others. Many do not even think self aware artificial intelligences would be people at all..

I think he just means in a renderer such as Blender Cycles (photon mapping with probabilistic specular, tranmission, and diffuse photon paths) multiple bounces is taken into account for all dynamic objects, every frame. (multiple bounces for all frequency lighting.) Where in AAA current gen games there are all kinds of hacks. For example you may only have diffuse multi bounces with something like irradiance mapping/caching.

We are at a new frontier of sneaker culture; one where we have never seen such a high popularity in athleisure. Back when Nike released the Air Max 1 in 1987 it was a running sneaker; yes. But it was also a fashion sneaker and that is how the Air Max 1 and following Air Max have lasted the test of time.

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