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Automakers, John Deere and other makers of construction equipment are opposed. John Deere would not talk on tape, but in an emailed statement the company said ownership does not include the right to modify computer code embedded in that equipment. The company went on to say that unqualified individuals could endanger customer safety..

The flight into Gold Coast was not a good one, sleep wise. Many passengers were either coughing or sneezing, a testament of the poor air quality in KL. Just before landing, I had my first episode of migraine. PEREZ: And he says, how you doing, Rose? I said, oh, it’s so nice to meet you. And he laughed. He goes, dude, every time.

It’s simple to add your friends, and if you’re struggling for motivation, it can be the extra fuel you need to get out there. Put a beer on it. Next round is on you, Donny.. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA few months after a hilarious video take on the BP oil spill, the amazing sketch comedy troupe known as the Upright Citizens Brigade is at it again, and this time the cracked comedy outfit is taking aim at a target much closer to home.In a new video spoof entitled “The Canadian,” the UCB gang delivers a spot on send up of the trailer for the recent George Clooney arty thriller The American, in which they painstakingly recreate the anxious eyes in rearview mirror shots from the film, as well as scenes involving a wheezy old Italian priest and a clich spouting prostitute.But the video’s biggest laughs come courtesy of the central Clooney character, an American assassin and arms dealer who is re envisioned here as a Tragically Hip and poutine loving Canadian and all around swell guy. He’s a patriot through and through proudly wearing his Toronto Maple Leafs when he’s out on the streets, and sharpening his skates and drinking Canadian Club in his off hours at night.I’m curious to hear your impressions, readers. Is the video hilarious, stereotypical or both? And do we really sound like that?FILM REVIEW: Titanic 3D minute by minuteJames Cameron’s Titanic was always a marathon at three hours and counting.

3. Shill BiddingShill bidding happens when a seller (or accomplice) bids on his or her own auctions ” with the intent of driving up the price. For example, a seller might have two eBay ID TMs and use one of them to bid. The topic of the pay discrepancy between NBA and WNBA players has been coursing through Twitter lately, so I thought it merited some words. I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the whole debate is the “logic” that’s being used by a lot of people. There is certainly a fair argument about how the NBA generates much more revenue than the WNBA, and that’s why WNBA players make so much less.

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