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The day had been a scorcher as with all others recently and I made sure I drank consistently throughout the morning and afternoon. As agreed, I met CY for a light and early dinner and arrived without any drama to Precinct 3. There were already a number of early birds at the booths.

That about it. Unless your washer and dryer is a centerpiece to your house, like in some spec or high end homes, spend the money on a washer and set your give a damn meter to zero on the dryer. Now if you have an actual need for an esoteric feature that some dryers have, go on with your bad self.

Edit: Wow this really blew up, finally have a super highly upvoted comment. If anyone reading this likes my writing and wants to interview me for a job please send me a pm. Currently working in a call center, have a college degree, posting things like this on reddit and talking about political/societal issues and their potential solutions is my only joy..

Is it changing? Yes. I think that, with people like Frank Ocean coming out or Barack Obama in support of gay marriage and then Jay Z coming out in support of Barack Obama supporting gay marriage, I think that there’s that heightened awareness. I think that civil rights issues take a lot of time to develop.

The 1k climb on the second lap was a solo affair with nobody around me at all to work with. A shocking 4:20 split stuck its tongue out at me I was well and truly haemorrhaging time and the Garmin further revealed a 36 second deficit on target. I kinda lost hope of a sub 40 finish and moved over to my B target of 40:15 along with some much needed recovery on the descent..

Jon P. Newton, Vice Chairman of American General Corp., made $18,020,000 in one year. Joseph Sutton, Vice Chairman of Enron Corp., made $17,864,387 in one year. The 3:45 pacer was some distance in front, and since that timing was way too ambitious for me at least, our attentions were drawn to the sub 4 Asian Dude (AD) I forget his name. Further back were the 4:00 pacers followed by the 4:15 and the 4:30 groups. I observed that the runners here pretty much lined up according to their abilities as the groups would run much of the way together.

The AirPods most compelling feature, as I wrote in September, is how simple they are to set up. As soon as I opened the case lid, a small window appeared on my iPhone home screen indicating that the earbuds had successfully paired with my phone. This pop up also shows the remaining battery life in each bud, as well as in their case, which has an internal battery that extends the AirPods lifespan.

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