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1 point submitted 3 days agoBy solving the Dutch disease caused by the energy industry in Canada, the manufacturing sector which is an important part of Qubec economy will grow tremendously. That all we need to get money as we not afraid of taxing both middle and high earners.The oil price crash is starting to give us a taste of this solution: Ontario and Qubec are doing extremely well right now, thanks to low CAD value. Once the oil prices rise again, Alberta will be doing well again, but the bigger economies will suffer heavily.prescod 29 points submitted 4 days agoThere is no way for Canada to live up to its global responsibilities and our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren without Alberta getting pissed.We have basically four options:Shut the tar sands down the most environmentally responsible option.Wind them down slowly next best, and also more economically responsible and humane to workers.Keep them stable a bad idea environmentally, but at least the jobs would be stable.Expand the tar sands worst idea ever.Alberta is going to be pissed if we take ANY of the first three options.

Yes, it is usually easy to be a Lakers fan even if the team underachieved this season. But that doesn mean it any less nerve wracking. After all, I once asked a few of the Lakers faithful, restless over last year boring offseason, why they were complaining when their favorite team had just come off an NBA championship run.

The fact that a higher percentage of Gen Y members are underemployed or unemployed, and that they likely to be in debt and living with their parents, is deemed largely irrelevant. New economic realities, Gen Y has ambitious standards, says Yarrow. Self gifting behavior is a reflection of big cravings.

Fatties are good to wear in beach or a simple fun walk in the park, zoo, or mall. Make sure to pick a little contrast in color for these shoes so that it will blend well with your flapper dress or a skinny and a loose white tee on top. This spring shoe cost a little of about $15 $25 in your local stores.

Such charges are simply false. We’ve come to use the word “fascist” as a substitute for “evil” or “bad.” The left in particular has institutionalized argumentum ad hitlerum as a means of delegitimizing viewpoints they find objectionable. That’s why Al Gore calls his online critics “digital brownshirts” and suggests anyone who ignores his warnings are akin to those who willingly ignored the Holocaust..

The good thing about the next sale is that, branded items sold for a cheap price. If you want cheaper and quality products to buy, you have to check out for the offers in online shops. Most of the time, these e shops sell much more cheaper products than that of the actual department stores due to some very obvious reasons such as the rentals, operational cost etc.

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