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Presumably, this should alleviate some of your guilt the next time you take home one of Whole Foods’ large, organic soups in a waxed paper container. Heck, the company even has a YouTube channel all its own, where you can enjoy a virtual visit to a Whole Foods market, not in the company of a sales person, but of a Guest Services Ambassador.These companies, and many others, are using Web 2.0 tools to try to show their commitment to “corporate social responsibility,” or “CSR .” Maybe some such commitments are genuine, and maybe some are less so. Whatever the case, we need to come up with a new buzzword for when a company shamelessly touts its CSR efforts, because “CSR washing” doesn’t exactly roll trippingly off the tongue..

That India has tremendous economic potential is without doubt. Till the early 17th Century, India contribution to the global GDP was as large as that of China. It is the opportunity to relax and above all, to have the benefits it offers. In the chorus, Bubl says that you shouldn’t “go higher for desire” because “Hollywood is dead” and can only be found “in yourself.” In other words, I guess, young stars need to stop trying to imitate other stars’ success and just be themselves.Although it’s definitely the highlight, Bieber is not the only star Bubl sends up in Hollywood. The rest of the video has the crooner storming a sound stage, watching himself dress up as famous figures such as a young Clint Eastwood, a modernized James Dean, a brunet Bret Michaels and what seems like a paparazzi hating George Clooney.At one point, Bubl has a western style stand off with the cowboy version of himself. The scene is clearly meant to amp up the video’s obvious camp.

A slice in golf is a shot that curves the ball like the shape of a banana. If you are a right hand golfer, the golf ball starts from the left and curves dramatically till it reaches the right of the target that you aimed for when it lands (this is the opposite for left hand golfers). While a slice may be used by professionals to get themselves out of a tricky situation (which is called a fade a planned lighter slice), it is often a shot beginners make as they are not skilled enough to correct their body and club head angle and therefore do not know how to stop it..

In fact, the Maasai warrior system is much more deep and complex than Mindy’s little adventure in the bush can begin to suggest. The process takes an average of 15 years and not every man who goes through it claims the title of Olmurrani (warrior). In the original culture, this system formed the complete government of the society.

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