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You don’t watch the Olympics with morbid curiosity over whether Phelps or Usain Bolt will lose. You want to see them dominate. Basketball team, you’re often watching to babysit an upset. “My soul app is the one that blocks these kind of ads.” Ouch.7 Cisco Around The WorldContinuing their Human Network campaign Cisco uses an engaging ad showing a soccer juggling trick they call the “around the world” that spreads from country to country through young soccer fans watching a video and trying to recreate that moment. As a kid, I remember watching J Klinsmann in 1994 score an amazing goal against South Koreans and spending months practicing and trying to perfect the same move. Cisco managed to tap that moment that many soccer players and fans could relate to, and demonstrate how their global network makes sharing moments like that possible in a faster and more real way than ever before.

You’re up, showered, dressed. Coffee’s in the cup. The only thing standing between you and doing stuff is shoes. Life in prison that’s the sentence handed down today for Ross Ulbricht. The 31 year old was behind the underground online market for illegal drugs called Silk Road. His lawyers claimed he was framed that he had nothing to do with the site after the first couple of months and that he only came back at the very end.

Well I used to run strictly just the tube screamer and the gate for my main channel, but when the Precision Drive came out I switched over to that simply for the tightness of it, which is crucial to my sound. The attack knob really helps control the massive low end from the 8 string, and keeping the extra gate just helps create an even tighter and more choppy rhythm sound. I still have the tube screamer on my board though for any leads I do, because with the settings on the Precision Drive I use, leads come out too choppy and the built in gate kills most of the sustain.

It is not as if Stokes has had the job sprung on him. He has to wait until July for England to play Test cricket. “Getting told and then wait four or five months until you do the job is a bit weird. Awareness events are also planned in the maternity department at James Cook.Middlesbrough Council’s Director of Public Health Edward Kunonga said: “Smoking rates amongst adults in Middlesbrough are falling. However, they remain higher than the North East and national averages and smoking remains the single most preventable cause of premature deaths locally.”At current smoking levels, there will be approximately 229 deaths in Middlesbrough each year in adults aged 35 and over which are directly attributable to smoking. Reducing preventable illness and early deaths linked to smoking in Middlesbrough and improving the health of local people are key priorities of Middlesbrough’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.”On Saturday 21 September the National Stoptober Road Show will be visiting Middlesbrough’s town centre.

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