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Taku Rakau E (The Walking Stick) tells the story of how a song can be passed down through time by families. Through the song, we hear a tragic tale of war, but also realize the stark connection we have with nature.The packed theatre was made up of a mixed crowd people from their 20s to their 60s were in attendance. Some filmgoers were there for the 11th year in a row; others, like Matt Chaloux, who slipped into a seat beside me a few minutes before the show, were having a chance experience.

This is basically cask strength Eagle Rare. And I don’t know if that makes me glad I can get a great sipper like ER straight from the barrel, or if it makes me mad that all the juice isn’t used to make this. Either way, I’m glad BT decided to bottle this..

Finally had some time last night to think about the last 6 days of my life. I like to thank the people from Montreal and across Canada for the love and support. I have never come across a more electric atmosphere. Sen. Bernie Sanders, her closest rival for the Democratic nomination, has advocated both paid vacation and paid maternity leave on the campaign trail. In addition, some cities and states have started instituting their own sick leave policies.

Strava theSwedish word for “strive” has become a haven for runners, bikers, swimmers, and triathletes alike. In the free version, you can track your runs with your phone GPS, and get stats onyour distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned, thenshare them (plusyour route mapand photos)with your Strava community (via a feed like Facebook). Upgrade to premium to unlock features likecustomizable training and workout plans; the ability to set your own distance, time, or segment goals; live feedback during runs on your current speed and distance; and advanced run analysis and performance metrics..

When the mills closed, despite the strike, our workmen had no bitterness towards us. They told us so; said they had to bow to their union, but their blessings were with us. Now we keep to the same philosophy. However, there are still some pretty strict standards in place to land a spot within this in demand profession. Requirements vary by airline, but for instance at SkyWest, flight attendants can’t have visible tattoos, outlandish hair styles (including color) or excessive piercings. Candidates must be tall enough to manage the overhead bins, but still short enough to comfortably perform tasks on the aircraft generally between 5 and 6 feet, or 1.5 and 1.8 meters, in height.

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