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While many women may be annoyed by the expectation that they’re more likely to purchase an electric drill if it comes in a bright pink casing, there is, at the minimum, a commercially viable number of women who feel catered to by Tomboy Tools and its ilk. Whatever their reasons, they prefer their power tools in pink. Much as I’d love to sheet home gender inequality to rapacious marketeers, in reality, they’re only pandering to consumers’ latent sexism.

The saxophone solo that kicks off George Michael’s immaculate first solo single is every bit as iconic as the one in Baker Street. It’s an arresting melody, written by George himself, and one that proved so difficult to capture to his satisfaction that he auditioned 10 saxophonists, all of whom struggled to play all the notes with the right amount of fluidity and still breathe. Session ace Steve Gregory was the last to try, and even he struggled to meet George’s demands, so engineer Chris Porter slowed the tape down, allowing him a little space to finish the job..

As the most professional type of sports shoes, running shoes have been leading the wave of the technological development of sports shoes. Running shoes comfort and lightweight features have been known by more people. A wave of fashion tide of running shoes blows with the arrival of the 21st century.

Indices hitting a new high has become a norm for some time now for the Indian investors. As the upward movement in indices is caused by an upswing in the prices of a few stocks, not many investors have seen their portfolios’ values rise. Keep aside the slight weakness shown by the markets today on account of weak rupee compared to dollar, and investors are upbeat on further upward move in the Sensex..

Her husband started combing the real estate listings. They were expecting their first child and needed a space large enough to suit their growing family. “I wasn’t looking for anything move in ready,” Henderson explains, “because, let’s face it: I’ve been eager to have my own space where I can do everything my way for years.” Soon, the couple stumbled upon “a quirky midcentury home with good bones” the quintessential fixer upper with an airy floor plan and breathtaking views of the city.

So it should come as little surprise that McDonald is shaking things up bit. Lately, news has spread that McDonald will be trying to win back customers by pumping up its Dollar Menu with new sandwiches and snacks. A Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger a smaller, bacon free version of a limited time premium burger will be selling for $1 by year end.

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