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Taking calcium carbonate by mouth as an antacid is effective for treating indigestion. High levels of potassium in the blood (hyperkalemia). Giving calcium gluconate intravenously (by IV) can reverse hyperkalemia, a condition in which there is too much potassium in the blood.

His philanthropy covers a broad range of interests including education for young people a mission of paramount importance at New York Historical. Mr. Weitzman’s remarkable collection of historic footwear, on view in our Joyce B. Embrace your sense of adventure and get off the beaten path. Doing this trip on our own was challenging that was a great part of its romance. We were constantly solving problems and doing without things, which both made us a team and deeply grateful for any comfort.

Then again, it’s probably even worse to name your team after the company that made Zyklon B gas, the stuff that killed millions of people in the concentration camps. Yep, Bayer was once part of a large conglomerate, IG Farben, that churned out thousands of killer Zyklon B gas canisters. The gas was originally invented by Fritz Haber, a man whose life is so incredibly pathetic that you almost forgive him for indirectly causing millions of deaths, while looking as evil as humanly possible..

Kolibree promises to be the world’s first truly smart toothbrush that will provide users with valuable feedback on one’s dental hygiene, an oft neglected though vital aspect of personal health. Users will know not just the most obvious details like how many brush strokes have been made and the time taken for brushing but also intricate details such as whether one has been thorough with the process. This not only helps minimise visits to the dentist, but can prove critical to one’s overall health too.

You can write notes, with a cool handwriting like style, on what appears to be a yellow notepad. Text input with the virtual keyboard is a pickle though. Unfortunately, those notes don’t get synchronized via iTunes.. “There is clearly a demand for smart creative work developed by a highly motivated team of independent executives. We created our agency to fill a niche in the marketplace for an agency driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that guided many of the late great independents. Marketers like Thomasville need access to the thinking and service of the top people at the agency, and we are dedicated to providing that service.”Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of Furniture Brands International, Inc.

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