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Also, if you had your eye on a small purchase that hasn met the seller minimum purchase threshold for free shipping, then Free Shipping Day could be a smart day to close the deal. Lord and Taylor normally offers free shipping on orders of at least $99, which Radio Shack requires a $25 purchase for free shipping minimum, but they both listed as Free Shipping Day participants meaning that no such minimum purchase is required for free shipping on December 18. (CORRECTION: Radio Shack still has a $25 minimum purchase requirement in order to qualify for free two day shipping, even on Free Shipping Day.).

One of the most obnoxious things in sports is Ohio State fans that correct you when you say Ohio State that “it’s THE Ohio State”. I don’t mind it when people do it with a self aware smirk knowing it’s annoying that’s fine, but there are a number of people I know who do it that are completely genuine. Made me irrationally happy thinking of those people offended when Dayton beat OSU in the NCAA tournament and the Dayton Daily News had the front page headline “THE University of Dayton”..

BIEWENER: Well, pigeons, they’re ubiquitous. They’re very successful. And as you said, we were able to find them nearby. Masaza by olive oil was common among wives of the wealthy back then, of course then it was only used for beauty treatments. Masaza therapy offered by professionals, include a massage table on which the client can lay comfortably, a massage chair or a simple mat on the floor, depending on the individual administrating the masaza. The client may be partly or fully undressed, with parts of the body covered by a towel or sheet..

It would be hard to say what is the biggest lie ever told, and we will explore many of them, the one bullet theory and ‘The Flat Earth’ fiction that includes man didn’t travel in ancient times is just about the crme de la crme. It seems if you call something the exact opposite of what it is; then people can be sold the story just as much as if you tell the little white lie. Remember to keep a straight face and stick to your guns.

During a recent family ski trip, I experienced some pretty significant eye irritation (above picture is not me, btw). Wind blowing through my ski goggles, swimming every day with the boys, and waking up at night to deal with a fussy baby all conspired to give me red, dry eyes. Although I was able to get the symptoms more or less under control with a mix of drops I brought along, I knew the underlying problem was still present..

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