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It’s the border between Croatia and Slovenia in Europe. Reporter Lauren Frayer is on that border. And Lauren, why that spot?. Over 100 reporting units from across the state have been randomly selected for audits of their voting equipment this has already begun. All ballots will be examined to determine voter intent before being retabulated, the statement said. And the canvassers will also examine poll lists, absentee ballots and provisional ballots as part of the recount..

Fast Company is a unique magazine which showcases the minds of the most progressive business leaders. It is packed with exclusive information on the latest products and you get to meet their innovators. Technology has opened up various opportunities for creative innovations that are making waves everywhere.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileI love Ang Lee, I really do. I think he is sweet and kind and means well, and he certainly took a huge risk in directing Brokeback Mountain. I was hooked on the way he gently explored the tenuous dynamics of loving but complicated families in his early Mandarin language films like Eat Drink Man Woman and The Wedding Banquet.

History, the whole country has been obsessed with one part: California. It where Americans went to get rich on gold and fame. It where, for a period, all the weirdos and idealists seemed to collect, because after they rolled aimlessly west, there was simply nowhere else to go but straight into the sea.

A year ago, JCPenney promised an end to prices and the usual retailer mind games played to make customers think they getting a deal. Now that the ambitious attempt to wean customers off endless discounting and markdowns has proved to be a disaster, JCPenney has relented and will begin running sales again. Let the games begin (again)..

In a talent driven organisation like JWT, when there are three people who perform similar kinds of jobs, and one of them excels, then you reward only that person, not all three of them. What the other two, however realise is that the organisation is not playing the same game, and hence they move out. From our perspective, what will we call it? It can be either planned attrition, eased out attrition, or JWT is ‘losing people’, we do not know..

The old log cabin had been there longer than even the oldest people in the area could remember. I remember no running water, no electricity, using an outhouse, coal oil lanterns and taking baths down the mountainside in a creek. The storm shelter was a small cave on the side of the mountain, usually with a few rattle snakes to keep us company.

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